Conference on May 23, 2023 – summary

Representatives of local government units, ecological organizations, government administration, as well as scientists and experts took part in the Krakow conference, which inaugurated the project titled “Safe Vistula – towards a sustainable future.” This is the first stage of works aimed at developing an action plan to minimize the flood risk in the section of the so-called Vistula Sandomierska. The whole thing is supervised by State Water Holding Polish Waters – RZGW Krakow.

The full name of the project is “Retention activities program as an element of flood risk management in the Upper Western Vistula and Upper Eastern Vistula water region between Krakow and Zawichost.” The slogan “Safe Vistula – towards a sustainable future” reflects the ecological and social priorities under which the project will be implemented – meeting ambitious ecological goals acceptable to local communities.

More information in the “about the project” tab.

The first conference in the traditional and online formula was attended by 157 people representing all stakeholders. Representatives of the administration and contractors discussed e.g. the objectives of the Program and the list of subsequent tasks that will be implemented during the implementation of the project. Their list includes nearly 40 items. Among them, meetings with representatives of local government units and the inhabitants themselves are planned for communes most at risk of flooding.

Presentations from the event are available HERE

During subsequent meetings and conferences, all interested parties will be successively presented with the progress of the Program implementation, including the results of hydrological analyses and modeling, analyses of flood and drought risk, analyses related to the transport of debris on the Vistula, and, most importantly, developed variants of actions along with analyzes (hydrological, economic, environmental). One of the most important directions of work is a strategic social analysis along with the identification of stakeholders, taking into account World Bank standards in the field of ecology and social acceptance for the necessary investments and non-technical activities to achieve specific project goals.

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